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How do I take good portraits?
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    1. How do I take good portraits? چگونه پرتره خوبی بگیریم؟  

Here are some general guidelines for taking good portraits:

      • Use longer focal lengths instead of shorter (telephoto instead of wide angle). This will make your subject's face more natural and less bulbous.
      • Use a wide aperture for shallow depth of field. This will focus attention on your subject and not your background.
      • Avoid distracting backgrounds.
      • Try to achieve even illumination by exploiting natural light. If you can't use natural light, then use studio lights and/or multiple flashes and/or a bounce flash.
      • Avoid taking pictures where part of your subject's face is in shadow unless you really know what you're doing.
      • Avoid using a single flash pointing directly at the subject. This will create harsh shadows on either the subject of the area behind the subject.