جمعه 12 آبان‌ماه سال 1385
آیا می توان از دوربین به عنوان وب کم استفاده نمود؟
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آیا می توان از دوربین به عنوان وب کم استفاده نمود؟

خلاصه اینکه با بعضی از دوربینها که برای این کار طراحی شده اند مثل Fuji و Kodak می شود و برای بسیاری از دوربینهای خوت نمی شود.هر چیزی را بهر کاری ساخته اند.

Can I use my digital camera as a webcam  

Some cameras from Fuji and Kodak are designed for this, so you should check your manual. If your camera doesn't already support this, you may still be able to do it if you have a video capture card (or USB device) of some kind, by connecting the video out from your camera to the video in on your PC. The results may be less than satisfactory since your camera may not be optimized for real-time video. It may have a slow frame rate or display unwanted information (such as shutter speed) on the display. Even in the best of cases, you shouldn't expect results much better than what you can get with a simple webcam. Most people don't have the bandwidth to exploit extra resolution and most videoconferencing software isn't set up for it either. You should think carefully about whether it's worth using your expensive camera as a subpar $50 webcam.